Our counselling service is focused on restoring the love of God, through Christ, in the lives of oppressed street children.


The core elements of our programme are:


Part One — Foundation in God the Father:

  • Experiencing God's plan for your life
  • The Immeasurable scope and power of God's love
  • Salvation and Freedom through Christ
  • Loving God and Loving Myself Biblically


Part Two — Taking Back My Life:

  • Reclaiming a Stolen Life and Letting Go of the Past
  • Breaking Bonds, Covenants, and Oaths
  • Deliverance and Baptism
  • Family or Community Therapy
    as Appropriate


Part Three — New Beginnings:

  • Breaking Free from Old Patterns
  • Pathways to Fulfilment and Fruitfulness
  • Creating a Pure Image
  • It's All About Love

Restoring, changing and empowering young lives from past traumas, exploitation and abuse to confidence, freedom, health and



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