Executive Statement

Global Village Action (GVA) is a not for profit faith based NGO charitable organization with a mission and desire to help alleviate poverty, suffering, disease, abuse and injustice for individuals and communities, initially in Ghana, West Africa but ultimately around the world; empowering people to autonomous development allowing them to lead and impact in every sphere of life.


The Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales UK. Charity number 1178320. Currently there are six trustees overseeing, directing and guiding the organization in it's plans, objectives, aims and purposes to bring each designated project initiative to a successful, sustainable and excellent completion.


It is a solely independent Non Government Organisation (NGO) not tied to any corporate or manufacturing business, sporting, entertaining or political personality, legal or professional practice, local, national or international church / faith grouping or any other organization, individual or charity. This is in order that collectively any organisation, business, individual, church or group, may participate in helping with professional expertise, experience, funding, donations, investments and sponsorships with the objective of providing a united front in combating poverty, physical violence, drugs, and abuse in all it's forms, with GVA acting as the conduit to process resources, funding and expertise to the appropriate and immediate need.


It was founded by the initial four trustees,

Mr. Cyril Pitcher, Mr. Stephen Armah, Mr. Douglas Williams and Ms. Celia Apeagyei-Collins in 2009, in order to focus attention on and bring positive help and relief from poverty, disease and social injustice to the rural and the sprawling shanty urban city areas of Ghana, West Africa, and a positive solution to the devastating social problem of 'Street Children'. Its formation was out of a compassionate desire to do something positive about these issues and the devastating effect it has on the lives of so many, children, young people and adults alike and the society in general; also the unacceptable levels of injustice and inequality that is experienced by so many; it being the driving force and passion that motivates the GVA organisation.


Our objective is the transformation and releasing of lives, one life at a time, from the tyranny and captivity of poverty, a sense of hopelessness, disease and abuse, to one of dignity, hope, dreams and the realisation of the God given potential and talent in each and every one. We can make a difference by our selfless endeavour; individually not able to achieve much, but together, collectively, with God's help, we can and will make a significant and important difference, empowering people to a fulfilled holistic life; impacting in every circumstance and sphere wherever they find themselves; effectively transforming individuals and influencing whole communities, regions and the national status

for good.


The GVA organisation is run in accordance with its stated Charitable Incorporated constitution and the UK Charity Commission's legal terms and conditions. A strict and transparent accounting system is in place to monitor all funding received into and expenditure out from the organisation. Accounts and reports are submitted to the Charity Commission annually for verification & approval.

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Majority of people living in rural Ghana fit into the World Bank's classification of extreme poverty