Our Mission

Purpose, Aims and Objectives: Global Village Action's primary objective is to make poverty, inequality and injustice history in Ghana, alleviating where possible all forms of suffering; the cause and the effect of poverty.


Establishing a better future together of hope and equal opportunity, rebuilding lives, especially widows, orphans, street children ( particularly girls), the disadvantaged, abused, sick and impoverished; creating a fairer more successful vibrant society where all the population benefit from an improved economy, through a work for all orientated ethos, personally, collectively and nationally.


The aim in addressing these core issues of poverty /suffering etc. will be the provision of appropriately designed and well planned infrastructures, complexes, facilities, programmes and management systems which is the key in the creation and development of the philanthropic humanitarian projects; such as creating new communities where the family is the base component with housing specifically for widows and orphaned children, allowing them to live within their extended families; CTAC 'Street Children' (particularly girls) housing and education centres; Schools; Healthcare Family Surgery centres; Wellfare / Church centres; Adult Skill Training facilities and the development of job opportunities, along with various other associated amenities.


A good practical and viable costed business plan will be developed for each of these projects and be in place prior to any of them being commenced. In establishing and maintaining these projects a series of support investment type project initiatives will be necessary, well planned, coordinated and implemented with good transparent management systems, strategies and programmes to maintain their sustainability.


Each of these support projects will be carefully planned, viable, ongoing, successful and a profitable business, having a profitability which can, in part, deliver the sustainability and provide operational income for the humanitarian philanthropic projects being supported. The success of these schemes will play a major part in helping resolve the existing problematic poverty, education and health situations blighting the country by providing new facilities and job opportunities for the people.


The creation of these new creative work opportunities, through an entrepreneurial approach, will bring economic stimulus to the local population and the autonomous development of the minority groups; the street children, the less privileged, the poor, the needy, the homeless, the widows, orphans, the unemployed, low-income families and the physically challenged in the communities where these new businesses operate. This in turn will help bring improvement to life, economically, environmentally, socially and a change in these areas. It will require establishing and training strong professional, competent and purpose driven local support management teams to oversee and deliver each new initiative.


To achieve these humanitarian philanthropic goals an imaginative, well designed and focused promotional awareness advertising strategy will need to be created and in place. This is an important and necessary element to bring global and individual attention to the desperate poverty stricken situations facing many thousands of individual lives, young and old, affected by poverty, hopelessness, hunger and disease.


This will to be achieved by using internet web and social media sites, television and broadcasting media, electronic video and power point presentations, Facebook etc. hard-copy literature, brochures, leaflets and by all other means possible to bring our aims, objectives and purposes to all sectors of society; the general public, the corporate business world, commerce, manufacturing and retail, the international church community, the professional sporting and entertainment world, the professions, Banks and Financial institutions, Airlines, and national governments.


To achieve the above we will set in place fund-raising schemes and strategies to appropriate and facilitate the raising of sufficient funds to enable these objectives to be reached, implemented, completed, and sustainable operated successfully.  A strict regulatory and transparent financial control and accountability management system, global ethical business conduct policy and processes will be developed to oversee each project whether philanthropic or support investment.

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Executive Statement

Majority of people living in rural Ghana fit into the World Bank's classification of extreme poverty