Our Vision

Our core purpose; to rebuild shattered, helpless, impoverished and afflicted lives, especially abused 'street girls', children, orphans, widows, the sick and disadvantaged.


Bringing hope, opportunity and a future instead of despair. Alleviating poverty and injustice without bias regardless of gender, political affiliation, religious belief, culture, age or ability. Setting people free from the tyrannies of disease, poverty, suffering, abuse and injustice in all it's forms in Ghana, Africa and across the wider world. A commitment to the improvement of lives, social justice and the environment of individuals, families and communities.


Endeavouring to change negative traditional mind sets through education and skill training, developing and releasing the dormant potential, talents and gifts within individuals and the country's natural resources to build a better and fairer society for all. Promoting equal job opportunities, increasing local healthcare, wholeness and welfare services, enabling improvement to the local and national societal and economic sustainability. Placing the solitary, abandoned, rejected and desolate in families with homes in which to dwell.


Bringing purpose back to all of the people to live, love and lead in each and every circumstance, empowering them to autonomous development, truth, justice and rightness so enabling them to impact every sphere of life.

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Executive Statement

Majority of people living in rural Ghana fit into the World Bank's classification of extreme poverty