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Many children are forced to work to help support poverty impoverished families


—Our Strategy



There are three elements to the problem that need to be addressed:

  1. The immediate rescue and restoration of street girls and children from the tyranny and slavery of poverty and their current life situation.
  2. Addressing the underlying causes/reasons for the dilapidated rural villages and shanty urban ghettos.
  3. The provision of practical tools, programmes and constructed housing facilities, education,and vocational skill training for all age categories.


Our proposed programme will be developed and streamed; firstly with an holistic healing and transformation approach, body, soul and spirit and secondly on the practical tools needed to fulfil dreams and destiny, such as education and skill training etc..


Each girl will have a specifically tailored program around core educational subjects to suit their personal circumstances and situation. Healing and transformation includes physical activity, renewing the mind, healing from trauma, counselling and therapy projects. Dreaming includes personal coaching, vision development and teaching of life skills.


Our education and healthcare programmes will include practical opportunities to learn and grow skills with increasing levels of freedom and responsibility. The girls, once they have achieved the set level of competence, will be encouraged to connect with local businesses to offer a range of vocational and academic study, work and volunteering opportunities and will be supported where possible with start-up entrepreneurial businesses.

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