Street Girls

We believe that every street girl should be able to dream for a future



Street girls have become a permanent feature in cities and the large towns of Ghana and in many developing countries. These street girls, many of them at school going age, have been abandoned by their families or in some cases the girls have abandoned their families. They are often migrants from the rural areas of Ghana and the urban shanty suburbs and ghettos of the cities and towns. They live in dangerous and degrading conditions of destitution, squalor, physical and sexual abuse, trafficking, prone to associated diseases and societal neglect. They lack the opportunities to improve their situation because of the enslavement that poverty brings to their young lives.


The girls who live and work on the streets are most vulnerable in a number of ways and are susceptible to sexual and physical violence, drug abuse and trafficking which complicates their exploitative state. They have no formal education, are vulnerable to disease and sickness and lack any medical healthcare, hygiene or conventional / societal life skills; are subject to hunger and malnutrition; have no home or shelter from weather conditions; lack clothing and sleep, their bed being a piece of cardboard laid out on the street or in a doorway. These girls naturally grow up to become young women, (some mothers) and often raise their babies on the streets, thus increasing the density of the cycle of this vulnerable street population.

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