What is Streetism?

Poor health is a chronic problem for street girls — a problem which

is damaging



The term streetism is used to describe children who live and work on the streets due to a lack of family ties or worse still, stuck in manipulative relationships, where their guardians (or in certain cases parents) use them to support the household financially, through various activities on the streets.


The main cause of the growing population of young people living and working on the street is poverty. Poverty is the major cause and acts as the driving force and reason for so many children spending their days and in many cases their nights living and working on the streets, living in absolute squalor and degrading circumstances. The girls are forced into sexual relationships for protection and food; are prone to disease and malnutrition; often trafficked; no education and schooling or medical healthcare; living a life of trauma, held captive to their constant cycle of poverty with no hope of a better future, only despair.

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